Frequently asked questions

I am afraid of viruses. How can you prove your program is virus free?

Here is a virustotal check of the unprotected version of the program. However, some antiviruses can detect the program as malicious indeed. This is because of the program protected with special software, which antiviruses may not like. Please don't worry, it's false positive, so just add the program to whitelist. If you still have doubts, feel free to contact us

What is the strongest engine strength ?

By default engine strength is 12. The strongest is configuration is 100. Note: When you select strongest streng it will take more time to think.

How to renew license

If you get new license get and want to renew your current license key go to ChessMaster license tab, set your new license key and press save.

Can I use trial version

If you want to try ChessMaster application you can download and use trial version. For trial version ChessMaster provide 100 move calculation per day.